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Autumn Craft Ideas…

We are so in the mood for Autumn here at Crafty HQ and we have collected 5 of our favourite craft ideas for this time of year.

  1. Glittered pine cones – Collect all shapes and sizes from your Autumn walks, grab some glue and throw some glitter on them. We love these ones we made with our green, red and gold glitter. Perfect for your Christmas tree or Autumn home decor.


  1. Pumpkin Apple Stamps – A brilliant one for kids, cut a large apple in half and use them to create pumpkin shapes. Once the orange paint is dry, they can make whatever scary or smiley faces they like with black paint.


  1. Painted Acorns – Like the pine cones, grab some acorns on your travels. We love the idea of painting them in pastel colours and using them as decor for the house.


  1. Glittered pumpkins – We got some foam pumpkin decorations from HobbyCraft and just used some simple PVA and our glitter to makes these beauties.

  1. Leaf Sun catchers – We love this idea for the kids to have a go at. Cut out the centre of a paper plate and fill it with tracing paper, simply glue some leaves to the tracing paper part of the plate for the beautiful autumn colours to catch the light, hang with some ribbon.

We are totally in love with this season and there are so many cool crafts to be done. What are your favourite Autumn crafts?


CG x