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Creepy Crafty Halloween Ideas…

We have collected 10 of our favourite Halloween crafts for you to try out for the spookiest holiday around. Take a look at our creepy craft ideas…

  1. Glittery Pumpkins- We obviously are biased but glitter pumpkins just make the best decorations. Look at these that we made using some of our glitters. The Jack’o’lantern is in our gorgeous Copper glitter and we also made these little foam pumpkins from Hobby Craft in our Fuchsia, Rose Pink and Purple Grape.

    2.Glittery Skull – We love decorating skulls for Halloween they don’t all have to be super scary, we create a gorgeous Purple Grape glitter skull, keep an eye out for it on our Instagram. We also LOVE this terrazzo skull by Bliss Makes Blog


  1. Spider Webs made with lolly sticks – Just grab some lolly sticks, stick three together in a kind of star shape and paint them whatever colour you fancy, wrap some yarn around the sticks to create a web and decorate with spiders. We got this cool idea from Buggy and Buddy – take a look.

  1. Edible Glittered candy apples – Make some classic toffee apples, we love this recipe from BBC Good Food and cover them in edible glitter. You can get some really cool glitters from all over but the Cake Craft Shop have an amazing fully edible range of decorations.
  2. Hanging toilet roll bats – This is a really good craft to do with the kids and even young kids can get involved with the painting. Grab some empty loo roll cardboard and paint them black. Cut out the wings from whatever you fancy – card, or paper in black and then stick the wings to the back of the cardboard roll. Pop some googly eyes on the front and draw a mouth and fangs if you want a vampire bat 🙂 and hole punch two holes for the legs to go through. Use black pipe cleaners to go through the holes for the legs and make sure to hook the ends over so you can hang your bats around the house. Take a look at Buggy and Buddy’s tutorial for a more in depth look.
  3. Paper Plate witches – These paper plate witches from Non Toy Gifts are such a good idea for older and younger kids alike. Painting is such a fun activity and they can make their witches as wicked or wonderful as they want.

Paper plate Halloween witch


  1. Wax resist spooky art – This can be such a good activity for a Halloween party. Get the kids to draw their desired picture with wax crayons. Water down some black watercolour and watch as their pictures take on a spooky look. These ideas from Activity Village are what inspired us.
  2. Cotton ball ghosts– Create your own friendly ghosts to hang around the house just using some cotton balls! This awesome blog post by Housing A Forest, has a free print out as well so you don’t have to worry about the faces, just get sticking to create your own ghost shapes.
  3. Pumpkin jar lantern – If you’re anything like me, you have A LOT of scrap tissue paper laying around. We love these lanterns by Red Ted Art , all you need to have is some empty jam jars and some watered down PVA glue. Take a look at the link to see how it’s done.


  1. Yarn wrapped mummy – Grab some black card and cut out a mummy shape or like a gingerbread man shape I would say. Cut some white yarn into a decent length and just get wrapping. The beauty with this craft is there is no right way to wrap it so each person will end up with a different mummy. We loved this tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things. 

We love this collection of Halloween crafts and we think there is a little something for all ages to have a go at on the list. Let us know if you try any out for yourself.


CG x

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Weekend Craft Ideas – Ready for School!

Now that the kids are all back to school, rainy weekends are on the way unfortunately – however we have some good craft ideas that will keep you all busy indoors – well for a couple of hours at least 😜


Take a look at these fun crafts to keep the little one’s busy on a grey weekend…


  1. Pencil Toppers – Get the kids involved in making some cool pencil toppers either to take with them to school or to keep at home for homework sessions. We love this pipe cleaner idea from Makes and Takes – and of course if you want to jazz them up grab your glitter and your glue to make them sparkle.
  2. Glittery Bookmarks – We love the idea of making reading really fun and you could glitter these in all kinds of colours for different books or subjects. We got some major inspo from Crafts by Amanda and her lightsaber glitter bookmarks.



  1. No-Sew Zip Bottle Pencil Case – Recycle an old plastic bottle and use it for a pencil case. The little ones will love getting involved making something to keep all of their new pens and pencils in – we love this one from Makeit – Loveit. Of course at Craft Glitter HQ we would defo be adding some glitter to those plastic bottles.
  2. A ‘Do not disturb – homework in progress sign’ – What a better way to get homework completed? Get yours to make their own homework in progress sign for that extra incentive. They can design it however they like and the best part is all you need are some lolly sticks and some card. We got our inspo from this Pencil Door hanger over at Activity Village.
  3. DIY Rucksack I.D tags – Get them ready to go back to school by creating some i.d rucksack tags together. Use some card and foam letters and of course, glitter to write their name, attach it to their bag with some ribbon and voila. You can pick up cheap vinyl luggage tag case like these to protect them.

Have you got any weekend craft ideas to keep the kids busy?


CG x

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Our Top 5 Craft Items…

We all have our favourite craft items, whether you are a paper crafter, crotcheter, sewer, embroiderer or a bit of an all rounder and willing to give most things a go. You have your go to items on your desk and these are ours.

1. Glitter – Obvs! We use glitter all day every day, we have the most super sparkly product so it’s so fun and inspiring to work with from glittering Easter eggs for spring decor or jazzing up our summer flip flops we are here for all the glitter.

2. Mod Podge – we use an obscene amount of this stuff here. One of our favourites is the dishwasher safe glue, it really works well for glittering glasses and tumblers.

3.Paintbrushes and foam brushes – We have a lot of paintbrushes and foam brushed, mainly for glue application; we usually get our brushes from places like Pound Shops, Hobby Craft and our local craft supplies shop.

4. Vinyl Gloves – Gloves are so important when working with glitter, not only protecting your hands from glitter and glue but at CG we advocate a dry cleaning process when it comes to disposing of glitter so we don’t want any on our hands that can be washed down the drain.

5. Spare paper and card – We do a lot of our crafts over sheets of card and paper, to protect our furniture but more importantly so we can save any excess glitter, so whatever falls on the paper when we are doing a particular craft we can pop it back in the bag or jar.

What are your favourite craft items to use? Let us know, we love hearing from you.

CG x